Richard P. Roggia, esq.


Representative Cases 

Asset/Debt and Property Division 

Handled between 750 to 1,000 cases involving contested asset or debt division, including the identification and tracing of separate property, valuation methods and protocol for valuing specific community assets such as business interests (both professional and non-professional), inclusive of goodwill, date of separation, valuation of closely held corporations and limited partnerships 

• Handled claims related to alleged breaches of fiduciary duty as between spouses incident to their marital dissolution proceeding and claims involving damages and requests for attorneys’ fees stemming therefrom in approximately 100-150 cases 

• Presided as a privately retained trial judge incident to multi-day trials over issues involving numerous allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, and issued decisions or successfully settled them as it relates to findings or non-findings of individual breaches, damages, and attorneys’ fees relating thereto 

• Presided as a privately retained all-purpose judge over multi-day trials relating to the characterization of business interests, including closely held corporations and limited partnerships, acquired prior to marriage wherein the community is asserting a substantial community property interest such that a thorough discussion and analysis of the Pereira/Van Camp line of cases was required